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Clarity is a leading provider of solutions-based software that lowers costs, exploits hard-earned best practices, and improves customer service.

Clarity was founded in 2005 to create custom software solutions for businesses nationwide. With 20 years’ experience in software development and management, founder Doug Cottrell saw the need for affordable, specialized business software that was not available off-the-shelf. Over the years Clarity served small, medium and large scale B2B enterprises in a variety of industries including furniture, car wash systems, fiber optic cables, saw blades, and premium sunglasses. Despite the variety, the custom software Clarity developed had a common theme: leveraging the Internet to increase profits. Realizing this theme and the similarities of its clients’ needs, Clarity shifted its business strategy and created The Clarity Cloud – a web hosting platform which combines the convenience of off-the-shelf software with the “perfect fit” of custom software. This new software provides manufacturers and distributors an all-in-one web-based solution to increase sales, manage customers, expand dealer networks, provide timely and correct product information, and automate the quoting and ordering process. It accomplishes this while meeting the modern requirements of ease of access with mobile devices and the expectations of anytime and anywhere online customers. 

In early 2017 Clarity found itself at a tipping point. Although it had an excellent software product, it faced a situation common for early stage companies – the need for resources to fully realize its potential. Looking to the future, Clarity needed to plan for long-term stability, customer acquisition, and talent recruitment, while ensuring the software remained relevant. Clarity engaged with consultants from the Small Business Administration who recommended that it acquire investment capital and strategic partners.

In October 2017, Clarity received its first round of funding from private investors and is continuing its development with strategic partners in the manufacturer digital solutions space. Clarity invites you to consider how cloud-based computing offers practical, immediate and low-cost solutions. Come experience what our pioneering customers have already found: improved performance and cost savings.


Clarity exists to build value for our customers, be a preferred employer for our employees and families, and be salt and light in a desperate world.


Clarity will be the premier technology vendor for enabling profitable online sales of complex, customizable products.

Core Values

We conduct business and treat others like we want to be treated with acts of service toward others, performing our work with excellence, and an attitude of humility and grace.

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About the Founder

Doug Cottrell

Founder & CEO

Doug and his wife, Lydia, live in Hickory, North Carolina and have 4 adult children. Doug founded Clarity in 2005 upon relocating to Hickory from Winter Park, Florida where he had his first successful software company. Doug is a graduate of Purdue University, started his career at NCR Corporation, and has over 30 years of experience in the software industry. His passion in business is to make life simpler for his customers and to build software solutions that just work.

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