Let customers see the final product as they customize and design.

Brick-and-mortar and online shopping are no longer two separate entities as consumers routinely price and compare commodity products on their smart phones while pursuing the aisles of big box stores.

Shopping for a t-shirt? Simply swipe through style and color options online, even while standing in the store.

When purchasing big-ticket items, there is a new norm: the online visualization of products customized by the consumer.

Companies simply can not manufacture make and photograph every complex and customizable product when there are millions of possible combinations.

The solution to being able to display this staggering number of combinations is to use images that are generated real time by software, as choices are being made on a web page.

These images are generated by the same technology that powers today’s amazing computer gaming technology, resulting in very realistic images to be generated that are displayed quickly.

Benefits of Online Product Visualization
  • Meet today's expectations of shoppers
  • Close more sales
  • Ability to use images of the real product in quotes, RFP's, and portfolios

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