The Clarity Product Pricing Configurator allows your customers to click and create complex products, view current pricing, and place orders with confidence. Entirely online.

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What Are the Benefits of an Online Product Pricing Configurator?

Sell highly customized products online and experience all of these benefits: 

A Product Pricing Configurator Will:
  • Shorten the sales cycle, bypassing the lengthy 'request a quote' process
  • Give prospects simple point-and-click options, leading them through all of the options and upgrades
  • Give prospects can download and save quotes
  • Integrate with online payment options
  • Integrate with your CMS for lead nurturing and follow-up

Giving your customers access to pricing configuration technology will build trust and confidence for your brand. Eliminate the need for face-to-face sales with 3D product visualization. 

The online configurator eliminates errors and improves customer service
  • Enforcement and validation of all required choices
  • Prompt for additional required choices based on the selections
  • Accurate and up-to-date Pricing
  • Accurate and up-to-date Inventory Levels of frames, fabrics, etc.
  • Accurate and up-to-date Estimated Shipping Times

The Future of B2B Sales

Gain market share and increase sales with a product pricing configurator.

  • Combine a product pricing configurator with a 3D product visualizer for maximum impact
  • Use a cloud platform to enable sales teams and prospects to access the tool anytime, on any device
  • Eliminate pricing errors with intuitive software
  • Order validation ensures that all required information has been selected for product engineers – no more missing data.
  • Gather user data to drive product innovation; which features are used most often, which features should be eliminated?
  • Only valid and active choices can be made– no more orders for items that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Streamlined shopping experience leads to repeat customers and referrals.
  • Incoming orders can be electronically imported into your manufacturing system, eliminating data-entry labor, delays, and mistakes.

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