Clarity serves manufacturers and distributors of complex and customizable products by enabling profitable online sales.

Consumer Big-Ticket items

Furniture, appliances, vehicles and so much more. Clarity’s software has made a special impact in the furniture industry. Many furniture brands trust Clarity to do the work of configuring, pricing, and quoting their customizable pieces. These companies have found Clarity’s configurator supports the millions of customizable options available on their products.

Home Furnishings

With Clarity’s online Configurator, it makes it possible for companies of home furnishing brands to give their customers the ability to configure and customize their products online. A piece of artwork, for instance, can be customized in size, frame, and orientation and quoted through Clarity’s Configurator on the company’s Consumer Website.

To the Trade

Clarity’s online Dealer Portal gives brand dealers and To the Trade Companies the ability to see real-time product lists and customize the products their customers desire and increases their sales.

Industrial Products

Clarity’s online Configurator is not limited to smaller scale customizable products, it’s made for complex and customizable products, no matter the size. That’s right, the Clarity Configurator is even used to design and customize car wash systems online!

Custom Made Products

Saw blades, sunglasses, machinery, you name it! If it can be customized, our online configurator is the future of online sales for complex and customizable products.
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