A Dealer Portal is your cornerstone in building brand preference with your accounts around the world - resulting in increased sales and reduced costs.

B2B Sales have changed! The internet revolution and prevalence of mobile devices have changed so that your accounts expect online information at their fingertips. . .

. . . On their favorite device . . . Accessing continuously up-to-date information, not 6-month old information . . . With the ability to do a lot of self-service . . . On a website that help them produce creative sales material . . . All Online. No more dated papers, mailers, catalogs, and printed price lists!

Brands who don’t fully offer a stellar online presence risk losing sales to the brands that do, and are easier to do business with, and more relevant in today’s always connected, always open business world.

A Clarity Dealer Portal drives brand preference and makes everyone happier.

The Dealer Portal delivers secure information to your Dealers such as:

  • Personalized Pricing
  • Product & Selection Availability
  • Order Lookup & Shipping Status
  • File and manage Claims
  • Dealer-only web pages and Documents

Your Sales Reps will have access to the same Dealer information, but also Rep-only information such as:

  • Sales history per Dealer and their Territory
  • Sales Rep-only web pages and Documents

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